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  • 只要你有资格, you will continue to receive the ACP benefit on your billing statements until approximately April of 2024.
  • 如果国会不采取行动继续资助该计划, if you remain with Viasat after the funding ends 你的账单会增加.
  • 如果国会在四月前延长该计划, then the benefit will continue in accordance with what Congress enacts.



可负担的网络连接计划 (ACP) is up to a $30/mo. discount that applies to the cost of internet service if your household qualifies. If you reside on qualifying Tribal lands, you may be eligible for up to a $75/mo. discount.

Congress intended for the ACP to be a longer-term program. However, at the present time, the government funding for the program may end in April 2024. While there is proposed legislation to extend ACP currently under consideration, 除非资金得到批准, the ACP benefit is only available to new enrollees until February 7th, 2024年11点59分.m. ET.

只要你有资格, you will continue to receive the ACP benefit on your billing statement until approximately April 2024. 如果国会不采取行动继续资助该计划 and if you remain with Viasat after funding ends, 你的账单会增加.

如果国会在四月前延长该计划, then the benefit will continue in accordance with what Congress enacts.

Viasat is eager to assist you with any concerns; however ACP participants may also contact the FCC's Consumer Complaint Center at 1-888-225-5322 or at 

If you have additional questions, please contact the ACP Support Center at 1-877-384-2575. For any additional information, please use the links below:


The benefit is limited to one per household and can only be applied to one provider at a time. However, you may choose to transfer your benefit to another participating provider at any time, including after February 7th until the end of the program.

The ACP benefit is nontransferable between other persons or households. The ACP benefit is limited to one monthly benefit per household.

You may be de-enrolled from the ACP through Viasat for several reasons, including the following:


  • If you no longer meet the eligibility requirements of ACP
  • If you request another service provider to transfer your ACP discount to them from Viasat
  • If you request to be de-enrolled from ACP through Viasat
  • If the monthly cost of your internet service is entirely covered by the ACP discount and you have not used the service at least once in the past 30 days


Yes, you can apply the ACP to the cost or your current Viasat Internet service.

Your ACP discount will appear in the same location as your standard Internet Plan charges as "ACP Discount" or "ACP Tribal Land Discount", 而且每月还能减少30美元的欠款总额, or up to $75 per month for those residing on eligible Tribal lands.

You could see the ACP discount on the first bill you receive following confirmation of your enrollment in the ACP. However, 这取决于你什么时候注册, 以及账单周期的日期, the discount may not appear until your second bill after enrollment. 

As of now, the ACP discount will no longer appear on your bill after your April invoice.



Viasat service and participation in the ACP program is only available in select areas and to eligible households. At the conclusion of the ACP program or when a household is no longer eligible, 客户将按Viasat的常规费率收费, terms, 和条件. 

One-time standard installation fee may be charged at the time of sale. 每月服务费、设备租赁费及税费. 要约可随时更改或撤回. 如果您通过ACP接收服务, you may discontinue service or switch to another service plan at any time without penalty, and you may transfer your benefit to another participating provider up to one time per month.

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