Harness the power of connectivity to enhance flight operations and safety

Viasat’s innovative commercial aviation flight operations products include flight safety data links, flight deck IP connectivity, and valuable operational software applications.

Satellite-based data link solutions

Viasat is the market-leading satellite-based safety voice and data provider, in use with more than 200 major airlines, jet operators and government agencies, and onboard over 12,000 aircraft. We process over 50 million position reports annually.

Today we’re revolutionizing the flight deck experience with global coverage, abundant capacity, and the world's first end-to-end PKI encrypted data link for air traffic management. 

Viasat data link technology is enabling the modernization of air traffic management which will help to optimize the use of airspace to ease congestion and reduce delays and emissions for airlines.

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Rethink your commercial aviation flight operations

Streamline protocols and procedures and optimize flight operations with superior connected solutions.

Viasat’s optimization of real-time data and transformative digital tools help get the right information to the right people at the right time, enabling valuable cost savings and a path toward sustainable fleet operations. 


Solutions for Operations and Safety

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SB-S is a comprehensive upgrade of our Classic Aero service, providing air traffic data link services, voice and IP cockpit connectivity through a single terminal and service.




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A ground-breaking satellite-based data link technology enabling airspace optimization to ease congestion and reduce delays and emissions for airlines.






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Classic Aero

The trusted choice for cockpit safety services for over 30 years, used by more than 90% of the world’s transoceanic aircraft for communication and surveillance today.


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Crew Apps

Viasat’s mobile crew app allows airline crew members to monitor and interact with the connectivity and entertainment systems while on board the aircraft. The application provides crew members with essential system information to help promptly diagnose and address passenger service issues.

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Harness the power of connectivity to enhance your flight operations and safety today.