A satellite communications gamechanger

Putting true high-capacity connectivity into the warfighter’s hands

Whether it is an isolated mission or a joint effort, Viasat’s 卫星通信终端 enable game-changing connectivity across the whole battlespace — from the air to land to sea.

  • Low SWaP military 卫星通信 antennas for air, land, and sea domains
  • Flexible terminal architecture
  • Delivering actionable intelligence into the hands of the warfighter
A male warfighter wearing a helmet, eye shield and headset looking out the side of a helicopter
Two warfighters setting up Viasat's Multi-Mission 卫星通信 Terminal


Experience true 卫星通信 flexibility: on-the-move and in-mission

Adjusting to unexpected mission changes is a battlespace reality. Warfighters need access to critical communications — wherever the battle takes them. That’s why Viasat transportable or fixed military terminals arm warfighters with instant access to full-motion video and data for enhancing real-time situational awareness and quicker decisions on the go.


  • 游牧民族的
  • 固定
  • COTM
  • l波段
Mulitary aircraft flying against a bright blue sky


Powered by our Best Available Network (BAN)


Transform your aircraft into a fully connected operations center capable of sending and receiving real-time information. From fixed-wing to rotary-wing to UAS platforms, Viasat offers a variety of military 卫星通信 antenna sizes (12” to 30”) and terminals for mission success.

  • Open architecture military terminals
  • Ability to operate over 地理 or MEO satellites
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Viasat maritime 卫星通信 terminal radome installed on a vessel


Instant access to information at sea


Whether you’re 关闭 to port or at sea, critical updates and real-time information is securely delivered to ships around the globe through Viasat’s mobile maritime broadband terminals.

  • Ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications
  • Streaming radar and ISR sensors from ship-to-shore
  • 安全了 & distributes sensitive data to onshore counterparts
  • Trusted operations, information sharing, and actionable intelligence

Viasat service — the power behind our terminals

Resilient, end-to-end connectivity


Ideal for permissive or congested environments, our Best Available Network (BAN) enables roaming between networks, to identify the best network for your mission. Viasat’s service is more than just the forward and return link. It’s about enabling critical operational capabilities.

  • Arm warfighters with resilient, end-to-end 卫星通信
  • Stay connected wherever the mission takes your personnel
Two silhouettes of soldiers watching a helicopter take off


Product image of Viasat's Ka-band Global Aero 卫星通信 Terminals (GAT-5510 and GAT-5518)

Access full-ITU Ka-band spectrum

Product image of Viasat's Ku-band Mobile Satellite 卫星通信 Terminal

Powered by Viasat Global Network (VGNet)

Product image of the Viasat Dual-band Global Aero 卫星通信 Terminal - 5530 (GAT-5530)
Dual-band airborne terminals

Next-generation multi-band military terminals

Product image of the Viasat Multi-Mission Terminal

Ku-, Ka-, and X-band nomadic, fixed, and COTM terminals 

Product shot of the the Viasat Global 海上 Terminal

Ka- and Ku-/Ka-band connectivity at sea 

Product image of the Viasat l波段 Mobile Transciever

Mobile transceivers to track blue forces 

Product image of the Viasat UHF 卫星通信 Terminal RT-1829

Single user or complete stand-alone UHF systems 


Looking for an innovative solution? 跟我们谈谈 about your needs.

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